Sell old vehicles

Depending on who you are dealing with, selling your old Car might be stressful and not worth it, and at the same time, it could be very easy with no stress included. So, choosing the right team to partner with has a great influence on the smoothness and fairness involved with selling your vehicle. Nevertheless, QCP Car Parts is at your dispense, running a 24/7 service to maximally satisfying its customers.

Old vehicles? We pay instantly

Do you need to sell your old Car for Cash? Make the garage, yard or compound more spacious? Here we are! Queensland Car Parts is the right team, comprising of top friendly, cooperative and professional individuals that would not only offer you a fast, simple and reliable deal, but also pay you instantly and fairly for selling your vehicle.

Of course not! We do not give any attention to the make, model or condition of your car. We will buy it whether it is an old or latest model. Ranging from popular Car models like Toyota to other less popular models, we will buy it and offer you an instant cash

When you contact, We will Cash your Vehicle

Selling your old vehicle is easy, but the first thing that is required of you is to contact. By contacting, we can verify that you are ready and we can thereafter take necessary steps in cashing out your vehicle. After you must have contacted us, we will work according to your schedule be it after working hours or during working hours, we will then pay you a visit in order to physically evaluate your car and give you a free non obligatory quote.

You will be given a brief moment to think about the offer, and if the deal seem good, we can reach an agreement. After an agreement is reached, we offer you a free towing service, that is; you will not be charged any amount for towing your car away. After this, we will pay you instantly on the spot Since a proof that the transaction occurs is necessary, we will issue you a receipt to prove that.