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When you want to sell your broken or unwanted car, don't just go to some wrecker. Instead, carry your car to Brisbane Japanese wrecking specialist, where we will pay you top dollar for every make or model. Because of the following reasons, JCP Car Parts is the best location in Brisbane:
• For cars that are no longer required, the best rates are charged.

• Quotes for unwanted vehicles are issued quickly and without charge.

• Your unwanted cars will be removed for free.

• Vehicle removal and payment are usually made on the same day.

• Professional and friendly service with no hassles.

The procedure could not be simpler. To get a quote for your unwanted car, call us on 0478 000 895 or fill out the form on this page. You'll get our best price, and we'll arrange for the car to be picked up at a convenient time for you, and we'll pay you cash right away.
As a consequence, you can reach out to us right now.


Your Japanese car could be worth up to $15,000 in cash. The exact price you receive will be determined by the vehicle's age, condition, build, and model – we will provide you with an exact quote if you contact us:

Email:, Phone: 0478 000 895, Please fill out the form on this page.

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Any where In Sydney

Get our Services like Car Removal, Car Wreckers, Truck Wreckers, Auto Parts, Truck Removals, anywhere in Sydney & other parts of Australia easily.

We Pay You Best Price

We buy old, junk & used car of every make, model & condition and in return will pay the best cash value for it.

We Buy Any Cars

We buy Toyotas, Mitsubishis, Nissans, Mazdas, and other makes and models of cars in any condition, including broken, crashed, unregistered, unwanted, junk, and scrap vehicles.

Top Cash Paid

We don't mind if your car is totally dead, rusted out, or a smashed-up mess. We'll tow your car away for free and pay you cash for the privilege, regardless of its condition.

Instant Cash

Hire us as the removal or wrecker, we assure you to provide on the spot cash value for your vehicle.

Quick Service

That means you'll have cash in your hand as soon as your car is removed. You can also be assured that you're getting the most money for your junk car since we pay the highest prices in Auckland. Find out how much you can get by contacting a member of our team now on 0478 000 895.

What We Offer

All second-hand car parts are checked for quality and have a very good reasonable price tag

We Repair All Makes of Automobiles

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For 25 years, we raising the standard of used car retailing with one of the most innovative and reliable used vehicle programmes ever created.


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