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Five Valuable Parts Of Your Car That You Convert Into Cash

If you have a car that’s in a junkyard condition for the junkyard, there are some best ways to get rid of it in possible ways. Many people just call the junk car medics and have the whole darn thing hauled away. But what if I say there are some ways through which you can make extra money. It takes some time and effort but you can get more dollars out of a car that’s no more in use. It will help you to have a good amount of money with the advantage of mechanical aptitude through selling some basic tools.

There is a practical way to generate extra money from your junk car. It involves removing the most valuable parts of your car and selling them in exchange for money. Every part of your car is valuable and important. Each part has a value that is worth it. Even if they are not in working condition, you can still make a good amount of money. Van wreckers accept non-working parts and recycle the metal. Selling them is better to store them in the garage. You can sell the car parts Australia to JCPCarParts and enjoy money in return. Read the article to know the most important parts of a junk car that you can sell and get cash for car parts kingston.

  1. Engine and Transmission

If the engine and transmission of your car are still in running condition they can add extra bucks in your pocket. It is because they can continue to be useful for other cars and the majority of car owners prefer to buy an engine that is good and cheap in place of their old one. Some companies rebuilt or manufacture the engines and transmissions. After being thoroughly inspected and having their parts worn out and replaced with new ones, they sell these engines and transmissions in the market to make money. It can be called a less expensive alternative to a new engine. Buyers can be private buyers, auto recyclers, repair shops or remanufacturing companies. Don’t worry if the engine is not in working condition. You can still earn money the metal.

Engines have aluminium blocks and heads which are worth more than steel. As engines and transmissions are very heavy, they must be removed from your car to sell them separately. Make sure to remove them before getting cash for scrap cars. Don’t injure yourself while removing the engine. You can hire a mechanic who often charges less money for removing it from the car. Then sell these car parts kingston.

  • Catalytic Converter

You are unaware of a precise metal in your car that is a catalytic converter. A catalytic converter is an important part of every car. No buyer can deny buying it. It is a part of a car’s emission control system made up of many expensive metals such as platinum, palladium, rhodium etc.

It is placed in the car to convert toxic elements of exhaust gases into substances that are not harmful to the environment. Buyers who prefer to buy catalytic more covert are auto dealers, auto repair shops, auto recyclers and salvage yards. You can sell these car parts kingston to make a good amount of money.

  • Wheels and Tires

The wheels and tires of your junk car can be sold separately to make extra money. These only parts are very easy to remove depending on their condition. There is always a demand for them in the market. There are different scenarios of cost depending on the material it is made up of. For example, aluminium alloy wheels have much lower value in both scrapyards and potential owners.

Sell wheels and tires as a set to get extra money. If both of them are in working condition you will be able to sell them at once without having to remove tires from the wheels. You can sell wheels and tires separately as long as they are in usable condition.

  • Air Conditioning System

A functioning air conditioning system can add extra bucks to your pocket. This part of your car is a highly valuable component that can be reused and manufactured. Other parts such as the condenser can also be proven to be valuable. If you aren’t familiar with removing this part from your car, hire a mechanic who charges less to remove these parts. Sell these auto parts Australia and make good money from it. In addition to them, you can sell your car cash for car and then sell these parts separately.

Check the worth of every part to get estimated money before selling them. Any remanufacturing or car removal company will not deny buying it.

  • Radiator

The radiator of your car is another valuable component that is made of aluminium alloy. It contains a significant amount of precise metal that is worth money. It makes it worth selling to the car removals company. Radiators are very easy to remove from cars as they are normally placed right up front. Sell them to the scrapyard or remanufacturing companies.

While removing the radiator from your car, make sure you drain out the coolant first then dispose of it properly.


JCPCarParts accept auto parts in any condition and offer you cash in return. In addition, you can sell your old damaged car to get cash for scrap cars easily. The above article made it clear which parts you can remove and sell separately to make a good amount of money.