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Things You Should Never Hide While Selling Your Car

We, people, love creatures; more often than not, we form a link with inanimate objects and treasure the idea of staying with them forever. This may seem fishy or even be wrong, but the fact remains that we humans are affectionate. The more time we invest in something or someone, the deeper our feelings of affection and attachment develop for that item or person. When trying to sell an automobile that we have been familiar with for an extended period, it isn’t easy to bargain.

When it comes to selling cash for scrap cars, individuals tend to gloss over the vehicle’s flaws to increase the likelihood of receiving a higher offer. 

However, concealed information will inevitably become public, and it is not always possible to hide information from technological advances. In addition, the seller might find themselves in a sticky position if they divulge previously concealed information. To help you steer clear of these kinds of predicaments, we have compiled a list of five things that you should never actually try to hide when you are selling your cash for scrap cars.

Structural Repairs

If the vehicle has been subjected to any structural repairs, then the specifics of such repairs should never be concealed. In layman’s terms, structural repair refers to repairing all of the significant defects to the structure of the scrap car. So, for instance, the accidental damage and the whole history of the injury include pillar repairs, door changes, boot repairs, bonnet repairs, and so on.

Documentation Details

In addition to concealing the damage, one should never, under any circumstances, hide the defects in any documents. For instance, specifics on who owns the scrap car, RCs that are broken or counterfeit, paperwork still waiting, etc. This will not only get you in trouble, but it might also land you in jail.

An Ongoing Investigation by the Police 

There are a few situations where you cannot sell the cash for scrap cars, including pending challans and unresolved FIRs. However, even if you conceal the information, it won’t be challenging to track it down using the Vahan website.

If you try to conceal the legal status of your car, you will always be one step closer to more severe problems with the police. So why not just get rid of it and do Car Removals instead? As a result, you won’t be able to conceal it for long enough.

Making Dents and Applying Paint

The price of your car might be affected by things like dings and minor paint scratches. It is possible to identify panel paints, roof paints, and even tiny dents within seconds. Because of this, there is no use in lying or trying to cover up the number of dings and scratches your car has received.

In addition, the colour that is specified on the RC must always coincide with the colour of the vehicle; otherwise, that particular automobile cannot be put up for Car Removals.

History of the Service 

There are a lot of individuals that attempt to cover up their service history to get a better deal. However, the dealerships keep a record of all of the pertinent facts, as well the maintenance and repair history of a car. As a result, others attempt to modify the odometer readings by going to a dealer who is not allowed to do so.

 Inaccurate and Misleading Information

People tend to give misleading information to get more offers, such as car usage, location, or even a bid to drive the vehicle to the customer, but they do not follow through with their promises. This can include car usage to the customer’s offer to drive the scrap car. You need to steer clear of this and instead tell the truth at all times. 

Inside the Automobile

Anything damaged – whether it be the upholstery of the vehicle, the carpeting, or the seats – should either be replaced or reported. If you haven’t used the automobile in a while, you need to give it a test drive to ensure it’s in decent shape to get you where you need to go. It is essential to take care of faulty components like the lights and the brakes. Before doing the Car Removals, it is a good idea to have it inspected by a trained specialist at least once.


It does not matter whether the issue is related to documents, service, or the history of accidents; concealing anything will only worsen your problems. However, if you are worried about getting the most terrific deal, you should check the website of JCPCarParts and schedule an appointment when the appraisal has been completed for Car Removals. After you visit us, we will thoroughly evaluate your vehicle, which, together with our live online auction, will ensure that you receive the highest price possible. 

It’s possible to obtain feel tempted to say a few fibs here and there. But r to get a better deal, remember that the falsehoods and half-truths you tell might end up costing someone their life. In addition, concealing facts may render the contract null and void and place you in prison. On the other hand, if you are truthful, there won’t be any falsehoods that need to be covered up, and you’ll be able to part ways with your vehicle while keeping your conscience clean.